Music as development

socially and personally

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Music is the light in our soul that makes all our senses feel in harmony with nature and makes us alive every single moment we remember our existence in this world. Music gracefully wakes up our system and lets us develop brilliant thoughts and skills at our best. This is why ABF is promoting it, to allow students to grow in harmony and have the opportunity to perform and get closer to the world of art and culture. Furthermore, because all the students come from poor economic and social backgrounds, through music they have been able to find a way to consolidate discipline, cooperation, and have moved away from the misery brought on by the grip of poverty. Music becomes an additional means for social and intellectual development, not only personal, but for entire communities.

The idea of being like a fertile land helping everyone to bloom is one of the corner stones of ABF mission. The will to be Mother Earth, even if it were a plot as large as a palm, but welcoming and accompanying everyone, offering the tools to find the seed of talent (because everyone has it, and even more than one), and then foster its full expression and sustain its bloom, is the basis of our activity and every day motivates the work of the “Andrea Bocelli Foundation”.